Tomick Necessary

Balancing nurture with rigor and Compassion with ExcellencE



Tomick Necessary just completed his Sophmore year at Pacific Lutheran University​

Becoming a Confident Player by Tomick Necessary
I started playing the bass in 7th grade after switching from violin. After about a year of playing I started taking lessons with Dr. Jensen. Having her as my teacher for the last 6 years has greatly helped my playing because I get to continue to work with someone who knows my strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them. This has been especially helping when I perform. I have never been huge on my ability to perform on my instrument, I tend to get nervous and lose my confidence.

My lack of confidence in my playing at a young age is one of the reasons I am working to becoming a music teacher. I want to help those kids who aren’t comfortable in their musicianship skills because I know how it feels. I feel incredible satisfaction when one of my students overcome a difficulty because I know how hard it can be when you aren’t confident in yourself.

Cost? $15/30min $20/45min lesson +$60reg fee for non-PYO

Peninsula Youth Orchestra Association in Gig Harbor