Peninsula Youth Orchestra Association in Gig Harbor

Third level: Students who audition into this level know third and fourth position, read music and play orchestra pieces.


Beginner Program:  PYO is one of a very few youth orchestra programs in Western WA to start beginner string musicians.  These students previously may not have held an instrument, and most often do not read any music.  In their first season, they learn all of this in a very fun and welcoming environment with our professional instructor, Karla Epperson.  (No audition required) 

Second level: Students who audition into this level and continuing into book 2 and 3 of Essential 2000. They read music and perform orchestra pieces. Through the year they will learn third and fourth position. (Audition required)

Fourth level: Students who audition into this level perform more complex pieces. Audition requires performing a piece and playing into fourth position. Sixth grade and above with some exceptions.

Fifth level: Our highest level of orchestra for advanced musicians. Audition required. High school students with exceptions.

Balancing nurture with rigor and Compassion with ExcellencE